How to Regulate Your Emotions While Trading

What’s going on in the markets and crypto right now is not only ugly, but it can be scary. 

As a therapist, one of the things I teach is how to regulate your emotions. This therapeutic technique I’m about to demonstrate for you is one that helps you to understand and regulate your emotions while still being able to think logically.

Why do you need to regulate your emotions?

If you fail to regulate your emotions, you will fail to be a successful trader. There really isn’t much more to it than that. 

Trading is a very logical concept that is run by emotions and psychology. 

Your responsibility as a trader is to adapt and overcome. To understand price action and order blocks and act off the emotions of others. Allowing yourself to get swept up in the emotions and movement of the stock market will only harm you.

If you can develop the skills to understand your emotions and where they’re coming from, you will be able to use logic and facts to solve the issue.

If you fail to understand your emotions, you will make decisions based on survival and subconscious needs instead.

Why is having a wise mind so important?

Understanding the emotional mind and logical mind and how you can work to combine them will make up your wise mind.

This is so important because many people with unprocessed emotions, traumas, and life events are stuck in one or the other and it is difficult for them to be able to understand the other point of view.

Using wise mind will allow you to acknowledge and process your feelings while still looking at the situation from a logical and factual state of mind.

This is crucial when it comes to decision-making experiences. It is never recommended to make a decision when you’re emotional, yet the majority of people end up doing so and regretting it later. This is because decisions made based on emotions are made to protect you, not necessarily benefit you. 

Why is this important in trading?

The more you are able to recognize and acknowledge your emotions, the easier they will be to control. You will be able to see that you are experiencing anxiety but understand why at the same time. 

This means you are solving issues for yourself in real-time. The longer you avoid an emotion or let it go unanswered, the more it will hurt your trading.


In conclusion...

If you can regulate your emotions, you can conquer the trading world. The key to mastering this wise mind technique is to help you understand your emotions and use them to your advantage to help grow your trading.

How have you overcome your emotions in the past to better your trading? Let us know below in the comments!

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