Sarah Banwart

I am in charge of making sure the day-to-day stuff runs smoothly. I take care of the behind-the-scenes work, product and content creation, and making sure these guys have everything they need to provide you with the best education possible.

Before coming onto the team, I used to be a mental health therapist. I am still learning how to trade but loving it!

Nathan Bognar

I help to make sure each of our students has access to whatever they need in order to build upon their success. I got into trading because I wanted to live a lifestyle where I could take care of myself and those around me.

I enjoy being in nature and am planning on hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon one day!

Kevin Martin

I am the head developer of the Highstrike app and work hand-in-hand with Ben Zogby to ensure that we provide you with the best trading platform possible. I am not much of a day trader but focus on building my long-term investments.

I enjoy traveling by myself and with friends. One of my favorite places I have been to is Greece.

Ben Zogby

I started Highstriked in 2018 with the vision of impacting the lives of traders around the world by giving them the resources I wish I had as I was learning to trade. Today, I have retired from trading and am working on growing our company’s impact in ways I never dreamed of. While I am now focusing on exciting products to further the Highstrike brand, the app being my main focus.

I have passed the educational torch to some of my most successful students to ensure you receive the best education possible.

Cam Meunier

I am beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity to have such a large impact on the lives of so many people. Being part of the leadership team here has been a blessing in so many ways. I never joined with the intentions of trading, but after being around so many traders on a daily basis, I have started to pick it up. I have learned so much and look forward to trading with our team every morning!

My faith is the most important thing in my life to me. It shapes me and how I lead our team.

Sage Teixiera

My name is Sage and I’ve been trading since December 2010. I fell in love with option selling ever since I learned about it. I work as a contractor for the Home Depot full time and also trade full-time. My hobbies include the guitar and drums, and also traveling around the world. I also enjoy learning about different cultures and businesses, and talking about trading all day long. Trading for me has always been the one that I enjoy the most.

Ben Chaffee

Hey, I’m Ben Chaffee. I’ve been trading for over 3 years mostly as a breakout and range trader. I prefer trading shares. I am a former engineer with a BS in mechanical engineering & MS in biomedical engineering. I’ve been with HighStrike since 2019 but left engineering and joined the team full time in 2021.

Nick Paul

I am an intraday scalper who mostly focuses on trading inexes. I trade the early morning volatility (9:30AM – 10:30AM) and then finish up the day with power hour. I started off trading forex and since moved to trading indexes full time. I am a funded trader by both FTMO and HighStrike. I enjoy skiing and trying new food spots whenever I can.