The HighStrike Cryptocurrency (HSX) is a<br> DeFi BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Contract Address:
1 mil
Current Price
$ 1
Market Cap

HSX Mission

Means of exchange and payment

Users can pay for signals, subscriptions, and educational content in-app and creators can earn HSX. A 30% discount for payments made with HSX will allow for fast adoption and an increase in value.

Store of Value

The token has a lot of room to grow. Since the coin has real utility and is backed by a strong user base already, the opportunity exists for significant and rapid capital appreciation.

Looking to buy?

Here's how to buy HSX

We recommend you read this on your PC and follow along on your phone to make the buying process easier. It will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete your setup and purchase if you are new.

Step 1: Create a Wallet

Download Trust Wallet and create a wallet

​Write down security phrases and keep them stored in multiple places (if you lose this phrase, you will not have access to your Trust Wallet account, and you will lose your coins)

hsx coin

Step 2: Buy BNB and swap to Smart Chain

Buy BNB first

​Minimum deposit is $50

​Click on BNB coin in wallet, hit swap, and click on Swap to Smart Chain

hsx coin

Step 3: Add wallet to Pancakeswap

Go to www.highstrike.com/hsx and click on the contract address

​This will take you to BSC Scan. Scroll down to Contract and copy the address shown

​Open a new tab and go to pancakeswap.finance

Connect your wallet by clicking on wallet in the top right corner. 

​Pick WalletConnect first and then connect your Trust Wallet

hsx coin

Step 4: Buy HSX Token

Click on “Select a currency” 

Paste in contract address from BSC Scan

Click done

Swap your BNB for HSX

hsx coin

Step 5: Add HSX as a token

Click search and put in the contract address. It should say “No assets found” if this is your first time buying HSX.

​Click on “Add custom token

​Put it on the Smart Chain network

​Add contract address

Name it HSX or Highstrike

​The symbol is HSX

​The decimal number is 9

Ben Zogby

Founder and CEO

Kevin Martin

Head Developer

Ben Chaffee


Cam Meunier


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