Reliable scalp, day and swing signals by our professional traders.

What are signals?


  • Access to discord chat
  • 3-6 signals per day
  • Live voice alerts
  • Weekly Educational videos
  • Spread trading signals

Trading can be lonely. Join a fun, successful, and drama-free community of over 5,000 professional and beginner traders with the same goals as you! This active group of traders loves to help in any way they can.



$ 149 / mo
  • Access to discord chat
  • 3-6 Signals per day
  • Live voice alerts
  • Live Weekly educational videos
  • Signals crash couse
  • Spread trading Signals

Live walkthrough of trades each morning with professional traders. We tell you what and when to buy, sell, and take profits.


$ 299 / MO
  • Access to discord chat
  • 3-6 signals per day
  • Live voice alerts
  • Swing trades throughout the day
  • Spread trading signals
  • Spread Trading Training

Our 7-figure trader will help the advanced trader or someone with a larger account looking to grow their accounts through low-risk, high-reward spreads trading.

For $149/month

3-6 calls each morning

Including entry point, price targets, and suggested options contracts. Calls are also included for accounts $1,000 or less. This way you can take part, no matter your account size.

87% hit rate

87% of our signals that hit their entry point will hit at least one profit taking point, targeting returns of 5%-1,000%.

Access to instructors

Learn from and talk to traders who started out just like you. We are all self-taught and understand the struggles of trying to figure out how to trade. We will help you in any way we can.

Live audio signaling daily

We will walk you through those calls on voice alerts and text, telling you when to get in, get out, and take profit. Learn and ask questions along the way.

Live weekly Zoom calls

Every Sunday evening we will walk you through our watchlist for the week. We will break down what we see and show you what to look for moving forward.

Signals crash course

We teach you everything you need to know about successfully taking the signals and more to make the most of your signals experience.


Check out our reliable day, swing, and scalp trades called by our professional analysts in our portfolio tracker. Here you can see every trade we’ve ever called and how it performed.

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Highstrike Trading School Student and Discord Member
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Here you can find everything you need to know about the group and how it works!


How It Works

How to get enrolled in Highstrike Signals Discord Group
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If you want to trade but do not have the time to do technical analysis or want to be told what to trade you will want to join the Highstrike Signals Discord Group.


Sign up

Sign up by clicking “Join Highstrike Signals Discord Group”. You will receive a welcome email with instructions to join the group.


Start Trading

Watch all the videos in the Start Here section to become familiar with the signals. Trading starts at 9:30 am EST Monday through Friday!


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