recession proof investing

Find the Perfect Recession-Proof Investing Strategy

Fortunately, Warren Buffett has some investment advice that can help any investor make the best of this market! We haven’t seen inflation like this in 40 years. During this time, Buffett gave some of his best advice when it comes to inflation. This recession-proof investing strategy is never flawless, but it will help to save your portfolio money in the long run.

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How to Regulate Your Emotions While Trading

As a therapist, one of the things I teach is how to regulate your emotions. This therapeutic technique I’m about to demonstrate for you is one that helps you to understand and regulate your emotions while still being able to think logically.

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Successful Long-Term Investment Options

Did you know that 69% of adults have less than $1,000 in their bank account? That is a scary statistic, but it is even scarier knowing what is about to happen. It’s no secret that the market isn’t in the best shape lately. It’s also no secret that inflation is ruining the value of our dollar. So how do you create long-term investment options in a recession? We’ve broken down a few different opportunities you can take advantage of below.

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turn your trading around

Turn Your Trading Around

The steps taken to turn your trading around can be quite the learning curve. We’ve all been there! 

The best and most professional traders have all been in the exact spot you’re in now. How else do you think they became the best?

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Another Month of High Inflation…What’s Next?

It seems like every time you turn around, the U.S. Department of Labor is delivering higher and higher inflation numbers. Yesterday, it was announced that inflation was up 8.5% from a year ago. This is the second-highest rate we’ve seen since 1981, when inflation reached 8.9% in December of 1981.

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Our Favorite Day Trading Books

Today we are going to go over all of our favorite books for day trading. We are all big believers in reading to help better yourself and your trading account. Below is a list of day trading books that have helped us immensely.

Not all of these books are specifically about day trading, some have to do with mindset as well. But as we have all figured out at some point in our trading journey, mindset is everything when it comes to being successful in the market.

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Trader of the Week – Brad

Each week the Highstrike team comes together and does a recap of our traders to pick someone from our Discord chat room to be featured as our trader of the week. This week we chose Brad! Check out how he grew his account $1,500 in a week on 3 trades with options selling. Check out the video he created to explain a little more about his experience.

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Will the Market Crash or Not?

Rising inflation, higher interest rates, world wars…oh my! With everything going on in the world and the country still responding to COVID-caused supply and demand issues, things seem to be looking bleak for the financial status of the United States. Or are they? Is the stock market going to crash in 2022? It is one of the most highly-sought after answers investors are looking for. 

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small account

Grow Your Small Trading Account Easily

Anyone can get lucky and grow a $100 account to $500 with 1 trade, but is that really sustainable? I’ve taken close to 60 trades on my $100 account to grow it to $700. This is an actually strategy that is sustainable that I will use to grow my $100 account to $10k. It’s not if, it’s when because I control my odds and have proven over the past 60 trades that I take more trades that are bigger and more profitable and less trades that are smaller and that lose less. 1 big lucky win is not a trading strategy. I’m telling y’all this BECAUSE THAT WAS ME! I was always shooting for the stars and I BLEW A $25K ACCOUNT, IT DOESN’T WORK! Now that I am trading with a REAL strategy I’m up 600%

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6 Habits to Improve Your Trading

What skill have you taught yourself that has tested your patience, mental health, and discipline more than day trading? I know it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to learn.

Our professional traders have about near perfected the art of trading over the years and they have let us in on some of their secrets.

Their number one piece of advice was to develop good habits and keep them. That’s all well and good and easy to say, but what habits do you need to develop to make the most of your trading career?

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