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Learn how you can make $10,350 per month in 4 simple steps (without trading full time):
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Are you ready to learn how to trade (the right way)?

HighStrike’s R-Multiple Edge Explained

Profitable for 81% of Students

Over the last 5 years we’ve experimented with every trading system out there to learn and build one single system that delivers consistent results.

It’s all about our edge based on R-Multiple trading.

Clear Results With Over 3000 Students

Learn the System.
Win Trades Consistently.
Generate $10k/month.

The average trader using HighStrike’s R-Multiple Edge system earns between 7.5k-10k+ a month consistently using simple trading rules on 1-2 tickers.

What the R-Multiple is NOT:

What the R-Multiple IS:

120+ Learning Modules, Weekly Live Lessons,
1-1 Coaching, Exclusive Mastermind

We looked at the best trading education material available. And then we built something that crushes all of it.
Over 72 hours of lessons recorded by our 4 analysts and trading psychology expert (lifetime access).
Jump on with our team every Tuesday and watch us trade live while we screen share and explain exactly what we see. You’re welcome to trade alongside us, as well.
Every Thursday, we rotate between high-level lesson topics: trading strategies, emotional control, and risk management. These are live and interactive.
You’ll get paired with one of our instructors and meet with them 1-on-1 to set goals and make sure you’re on track.

What’s going on with the macroeconomy and where is the market moving this week (this is what you should be watching closely)? Our instructors walk you through all of this.

Become a part of our exclusive community. Ask questions, talk about your progress, and network with other high-level traders.
Ask our analysts questions about your trades, strategy or thought process at any time throughout your journey with Alpha.
Share your own trade ideas with our instructors and community. Get their feedback, and see their trade ideas each day as well.
The key to long-term growth and consistent trading is properly managing risk.Trade with a statistical edge that will blow your mind with our R-Multiple Edge.
Whether you want to trade full-time or just an hour per day, you’ll find a trading system that works for you.
Be the casino. We’ll show you how.

Testimonial videos

Over 250 students have used Alpha to consistently grow
their account size.

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This video contains actual feedback from our students.
Results may vary.

Meet the team

HighStrike has 7 full time traders + trading psychology expert and regularly coach
and mentor students in the Alpha.

Ben Chaffee

Funded Trader

Four years ago when Ben first joined HighStrike as a student, he didn’t know how to trade. Today, Ben manages over $1,000,000 in funded capital through FTMO, Alpha Capital Group, and Fortunes Funding.

Ben’s personal trading strategy involves equities and indices, with his favorites being SPY, AAPL, and NASDAQ. He focuses on intraday price action and buyer/seller pressure. His positions are held anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Trading has allowed Ben to leave his job as an engineer. Today, he trades full-time, and was able to pay off his student loans thanks to the income he generates from trading.

Watch Ben talk all things trading with a successful HighStrike student here

Sage Teixeira

7-Figure Trader

Sage has been trading for over 13 years.
He grew up around stock traders – and he lives to trade.
Sage manages a seven-figure trading account and brings home 30%-50% gains per year.

He’s an options seller, focused on longer-term holds. He zones in on option order flow as an indicator to predict market movement.

Hear Sage discuss trading strategies and progress with current Alpha Mastermind member Roy, here.

Nick Paul

Funded Trader

Nick started trading from home in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Today, he manages $400,000 in funded capital through FTMO and Alpha Capital Group.

Nick primarily scalps, with a focus on forex and indices. He frequently trades NASDAQ, Gold, EURUSD, and USDJPY.

You’ll find him trading during US pre-market hours, due to the increased volatility.

His target is $20,000 per month in profits.

Learn the exact same blueprint used by our very own funded traders.

Case Studies:
See Our Student Success

Student cases are in different formats and orientations, so they are located in a document for ease of viewing. Click the folder below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – Alpha will give you everything you need to build the right trading foundation from the ground up.

Yes, our members come from more than 142 different countries. We accept applications from all over the globe.

You only need one thing to succeed with Alpha: A determined mindset that is committed to getting the results you’re after. We’ll give the blueprint and coach you along the way. But you’ll have to put in the work necessary to be successful.

No, our Alpha Mastermind program is the culmination of backtesting and exploring more than 87 different trading systems by over five traders. From that experience, we created a fast track to consistent trading – which is our Alpha Mastermind program.

If you’re interested in our Alpha program, be sure to watch the entirety of our mandatory training here. Once you’ve completed that, you can schedule a discovery call with our team here.

The cost will first depend on if we have any availability and exactly what you need help with. To determine exact pricing, be sure to watch our free training here (it’s mandatory) and book a discovery call here.

Our trading instructors can only meet with so many traders for 1-on-1 lessons. Due to this limitation, we have to be selective about who enters the program.

You’ll speak with a member of our customer success team who will determine if you’re a good fit for Alpha.

We see the most success with students who have a $10,000 or higher trading account size.

Yes, our system can work with accounts of all sizes. However, smaller accounts will just take longer to see the growth needed in order to generate $10,000 per month from trading.

You don’t need to use any specific brokerage. However, if we were to recommend one, we’d suggest you check out thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade.

We have a variety of funded trading instructors who specialize in stocks, options, or forex. You should only focus on one of these, but it’s important to us to be able to offer a trading system with a focus on a particular financial instrument which is conducive to the lifestyle you seek.

During our onboarding process, we’ll take the time to learn more about you, your particular situation, exactly what you want out of trading, and we’ll match you with the best-fit trading instructor.

No, we don’t believe in just “sending and forgetting” trade signals. These won’t help you learn to trade independently or build a trading toolkit to help you generate consistent gains.

So instead of passive signals, our trading instructors do share active trade signals—either through video or audio—in our Discord, but in a live, interactive environment. What this means is that our traders will always share follow up thoughts, such as precise points to take profits or cut losses. They’ll share where they exited the trade, and explain why as well. Additionally, students can ask questions and share thoughts—the environment is very thorough and interactive when compared to passive signals.