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Every trader in the HighStrike Trader Certification Program has been thoroughly vetted to allow the most talented traders in the industry to work directly with you to overcome your biggest trading obstacles.

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What can you do with your personalized 1-on-1 coaching session?

  • Master your emotions

    Our TCP traders understand the difficult emotions that come with trading and can help you develop a plan for overcoming them.

  • Receive personalized trade and strategy reviews

    Maximize your profits by working directly with our TCP traders to review your trades, strategies, and emotions. Get personalized steps on how to improve your trading.

  • Understand how to find A+ setups

    Work with our TCP traders to understand how to find A+ setups that work for you. Learn exactly what to look for to create a foolproof trading plan.

  • Trade live together

    What's better than a personalized trade review? Being able to trade live with a full-time trader! Be coached through the markets and take trades with these pros.

  • Review their trades together

    Have your coach give you a walkthrough of the trades they've taken in the past and a breakdown of the strategy used to take them.